Five Reasons Why We Recommend Aluminium Windows & Doors

Five Reasons Why We Recommend Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material which means that it is versatile enough to fit large scale windows and doors as it does not require a bulky frame to give it support. Aluminium frames are slimmer than uPVC or timber alternatives and as such it will maximize the glass area. Here are five reasons why we recommend aluminium windows and doors:

1. Flexible design 

Aluminium is a very light metal which makes it an ideal choice for windows and door frames. The reason is that aluminium can easily be shaped, which means you are not limited in the choice of design. The lightweight structure of aluminium, combined with its strength, is perfect for crafting slim frames to fit a large glass surface.

2. Weather resistant

Ideally you want windows and doors which are relatively low maintenance - then look no further than aluminium. The reason for this is when aluminium encounters air, a protective layer of aluminium oxide forms on the surface. This means that it will not corrode and can handle all the elements and will not be susceptible to damage from cleaning products.

3. Unbreakable

Aluminium is almost indestructible, as it can be bent or pressed into different shapes retaining its toughness, so it is unlikely to break or crack. This means that it is a very cost-effective solution for fitting in windows and doors that in the past might have been prone to wear and tear and do not forget that aluminium is the second most malleable metal.

4. Environmentally friendly

As a recyclable material aluminium is perfect so you can have peace of mind that at the end of its long life your windows and doors can be recycled and reused again in some form. Not only that, aluminium can help reduce your energy bills as most modern aluminium windows and doors are fitted with a polyamide thermal brake system to resist thermal transfer and effectively keep your home cool and warm all year round.

5. Decorative

Finally, there is the aesthetics that having aluminium windows and doors can bring. The metal can be anodised or even powder coated meaning that it can produce a decorative and textured finish. Not only will it look great, but the anodising process will make it weather resistant for decades to come.

When you consider all these characteristics you can see why having aluminium windows and doors is a great choice. You may think that it is an expensive purchase, but over time it is one of the most economical options for your home. 

How they fit will be dependent on the renovation project or installation so it is important to get the right advice, but if you do any research you will find they are very budget friendly. If you would like us to advise you on the right windows / doors for your home, please contact us today.