How Curtain Walling Can Save You Money

How Curtain Walling Can Save You Money

Curtain walling systems are usually installed in commercial structures, rather than residential buildings. They can help save your business money as they are designed to shield your building from various adverse weather conditions, such as wind, rain, sunlight, and noise. Below we look at how curtain walling can save you money.

Types of curtain walling

If you are considering having curtain walling installed there are two main types: unitised curtain walling and stick walling. Unitised curtain walling uses glass components such as window panels, window glazing, window frames, architectural framework, and glass roofing panels.

Stick walling on the other hand is meant for small residential and commercial properties, and is simply attached at the spring line, imitating the design of the projected wall surface area.

Another benefit of curtain walling systems is that they are made of aluminium with tempered glass, and the frames of the curtains are machined from aluminium sections. This give means that they are more flexible and durable to battle the elements.


New business design can be costly so when deciding on curtain walling you want the design quality to be top notch. Remember, you are not only enhancing the security of your business, but you want it to be eye-catching and have curb appeal. Speak to the team at R&M Shop Fronts for more information on curtain walling here. We can help you come up with a range of cost saving designs.


Curtain walling systems are affordable, and it helps provide the architects with the convenience of not needing to install expensive materials and fixtures. They lessen the maintenance and repair costs of your buildings and internal facilities as well.

Easy Installation

The installation process for curtain walling is easy and it will help you save money on hiring contractors. The system itself normally only takes a couple of days to erect the necessary barriers to protect your business from the harsh weather.

Environmentally friendly

Finally, curtain walling is fabricated from high-quality aluminium frames which are environmentally friendly given that the material can be recycled. The material is long lasting and is a better construction material than wood or glass. The aluminium material will also help with the energy performance of your building.

What do we think?

So, there you have it, a bit more background on what curtain walling systems are. Before making a final decision, it is recommended that you consult an experienced architect as to the design structure, its durability, strength, and reliability.