What is Curtain Walling & Why is it Beneficial to Have?

What is Curtain Walling & Why is it Beneficial to Have?

A curtain wall is designed to protect the building from exterior influences such as rain, hail, and strong winds. It can also improve the visual aesthetics of the premises. It is usually made of glass, metal, or stone and brings a host of overall advantages to the building.

Metal curtain walling, such as aluminium, is particularly popular and for good reason. It is low maintenance, budget friendly and easy to update and maintain. Aluminium is also recyclable and easy to repurpose. If you’re on the fence about investing in curtain walling for your building, then read on for some of the benefits:

1. Protects against the elements

Curtain walls have a very practical primary purpose in that they keep water and air out of the building. They protect the building from outside forces, and insulates it from from within. Curtain walling is essentially an additional protective shield that reinforces the strength of the building. When curtain walling is installed, it is usually done so with waterproof design in mind. The sealant that is used is waterproof and therefore helps in stopping water from entering.

2. Reduces building sway

While it is not a primary function of curtain walling, the additional support it provides can help reduce building sway. This is an important advantage for tall buildings in particular. It can make residents and employees feel safer and more comfortable.

3. Slows the spread of fire

Curtain walls can interrupt and slow the spread of fire from floor to floor in the building. In tall buildings, fire can spread quickly, trapping residents on hire floors. This is where curtain walling can help by slowing the spread and giving residents the necessary time to deal with the situation appropriately.

4. Improves thermal efficiency

The additional layer of curtain walling on a building provides extra insulation. Curtain walls can help prevent heat from escaping, and can help reduce the energy costs in the building.  

5. Enhances the appearance

Most modern buildings have an element of curtain walling. This is because it can give the structure an attractive, unique and modern touch. Curtain walling is something that is actively associated with contemporary architecture and often is what makes a city skyline more attractive and recognisable. Aluminium curtain walling is lightweight and low cost. It is also easy to maintain with a lick of paint from time to time.


Curtain walling is an extra shield for the building that can provide many advantages and benefits. It can provide stability, enhance appearance and improve thermal efficiency. It can also improve the safety of the building by reducing building sway and slowing down any fires.

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