What to Consider When Planning to Purchase a Shop Front

What to Consider When Planning to Purchase a Shop Front

The front of your shop is the first thing that potential customers will see. This area is what is going to entice them inside, so it needs to look professional and eye-catching.

To create a winning shop, you need to plan exactly how it is going to look. It will give you a chance to be creative and outline everything you are going to need. Below is a quick guide on what to consider when planning to purchase a shop front.

The design

The first part is choosing the best design for your shop front. This includes the types of materials you are going to use; they are going to have to battle the elements, so they need to be hard-wearing and durable. Aluminium is the most common material used and it has several features such as being rust-free and incredibly flexible. The design should also incorporate high-quality glass which needs to be safe and secure.


On top of the look and design of your shop front, the security should be very important. If you are situated on a busy high street you are going to want to make sure that any products which are displayed in the shop window are protected when it is closed. You may look at roller shutters or even metal gates which can be pulled down. It should be strong enough to deter thieves and anti-social behaviour.

Colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your shop front means that it will either blend in with the current surroundings or stand out. Ideally, the colour scheme should fit with your branding and company logo. Make sure the colour is consistent with these and that the paint you choose is hard wearing and not susceptible to chipping or flaking away over time. The last thing you want is for your brand-new shopfront to look old and run down.


Your business identity is very important, it is what sets you apart from the competition. When looking at purchasing a shop front make sure that the signage can be seen from a variety of different angles. It is not just footfall traffic that you should consider but also passing cars should be able to see it easily.

The display

Another thing to consider when planning to purchase a shop front is how your product display will look. Remember it must pique the interest of passing customers and give them a reason to stop at the front and go inside. It needs to be inviting so that footfall is consistent and revenue increases. Bear in mind the shop front window should have maximum visibility when it comes to displaying your products.

At R & M Shop Fronts Ltd, we manufacture bespoke aluminium products to the highest standards. All of our products are designed and created in accordance with the latest regulations. We also offer a full installation service. Get in touch today and our friendly advisors will guide you through the purchasing process.