When Should I Replace My Windows?

When Should I Replace My Windows?

Windows are integral to the look and style of your home. Windows cover around 25% of your total wall space which means they play a significant role in your home or commercial property’s energy consumption, reduction of noise pollution and the overall character. Below are a few reasons as to when you should replace your windows.

There’s a Draught

Poorly fitted windows or ones that have started to disintegrate over the years will no longer be providing adequate protection against the elements. If you’ve noticed that certain rooms are colder than normal it might be because of a draft where there is a gap in either the glass or frame. If the window doesn’t get a lot of natural light, then it could feel even colder.


If you start to notice a build-up of condensation on the inside of your windows when it is cold outside, then this is another reason to replace your windows. Condensation is down to windows that don’t have sufficient ventilation and where there is a build-up of steam i.e. from a bathroom or kitchen. Condensation can lead to damp or even mould if not treated or replaced.

Outside Noise

If your business is on the main road or busy street and you start to notice a lot more noise than usual, then this might be down to your windows not providing an effective barrier. Double glazed windows make a huge difference and if the windows are overlooking an area where people need quiet in order to concentrate then it might be time to replace your windows with some double glazing. Doing so will not only reduce the noise levels but add value to your property.

Visible Damage

Damaged windows or frames can be a security risk, especially if you have valuables inside your premises. If the windows have rot or other problems, then they are not going to be as strong making it easier for intruders to break in. Modern technology has come a long way and windows today are a lot stronger than they used to be given the different types of materials used in the construction.

You Don’t Like Them

Sometimes there might be nothing wrong with your windows other than you don’t like them. Windows add character to your property, but if they are outdated then they might look ugly. You want your home or shop front to be welcoming and to create a focal point, replacing your windows can have a major impact on this - so if you really don’t like them, simply have them replaced.

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