Why Should I Buy an Aluminium Shop Front?

Why Should I Buy an Aluminium Shop Front?

A potential customer walking past your front door will take just a split second to decide whether to enter or walk by. This decision is based on the attractiveness of your shop front and the window display within. This is why, for many shop owners, their best products are usually showcased here.

In addition, stores usually spend large amounts of time and money making their shop fronts seasonally relevant and up to date. If you want to update or replace your shop fronts then aluminium is a material you should consider. It has many properties which set it apart from alternative options. Read on to learn more.

1. It is strong and durable

If there is one quality that is necessary for a shop front it is strength. Aluminium is not only strong, but it is durable and weather resistant too. Your shop front will essentially look new and attractive for a long time, with little need for maintenance. This is because aluminium doors are also rust and corrosion proof which is useful in climates with high precipitation.

2. It is environmentally friendly

During an era where climate change and the health of our planet and oceans is at the forefront of many international movements, it is important to think green when making large purchases since it will help reduce your carbon footprint. Aluminium ticks this box, since it is fully recyclable. Recycled aluminium also does not lose its strength and so it is a popular commodity and easy to sell on.

3. It is versatile and customisable

Aluminium can be adapted to suit your shop's character and colour schemes. It is available in many colours which can be updated easily with a lick of paint. Aluminium shopfronts can also be adjusted to the shape and size you require. It can help you enhance the attractiveness of your shop front and bring in more customers.

4. It is budget friendly

It’s durability and strength means that a shop front made of aluminium will last a long time. Many can last for over 20 years and so your short term investment will go a long way in comparison to other options such as wood. Due to its recyclable quality, it is available in abundance and this also helps keep down the cost.

5. It is long-lasting and low maintenance

Aluminium does not corrode easily and can withstand different weather conditions. Considering shop fronts are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, this means you do not have to worry about it cracking and splitting due to changes in temperature. Its low maintenance nature also frees you up for more important tasks.


Aluminium shop fronts are a popular option for store owners due to its many desirable properties. It is strong, durable and long-lasting, whilst also being versatile and low cost. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable which makes it environmentally friendly.

At R & M Shop Fronts Ltd, we manufacture bespoke aluminium products to the highest standards. All of our products are designed and created in accordance with the latest regulations. We also offer a full installation service. Get in touch today and our friendly advisors will guide you through the purchasing process.