Why Should You Purchase a Frameless Glass Shop Front?

Why Should You Purchase a Frameless Glass Shop Front?

The glass-fronted shop front is the way forward for a lot of modern-day businesses. Office-based companies and high street retailers are incorporating them into their premises for several reasons. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing they are hard wearing and create several advertising opportunities. Below are a few reasons why you should purchase a frameless glass shopfront:

Easy to maintain

Glass shop fronts are easy to maintain especially when it comes to hygiene - particularly in the hospitality industry such as restaurants and cafes. Glass is very simple to keep clean and is low maintenance given its resilience to bacteria and that it can stand up to the elements.

When you have a cleaned shop front window it will attract more customers to your shop. When it comes to cleaning a soft cloth is the best method as a lot of chemical solutions can damage and leave streaks on the glass which can be hard to remove.

Incredibly tough

You may think that glass is fragile but in fact, it is very tough, deterring even the most ambitious of intruders. During manufacturing, the glass goes through a process where it is heated to high temperatures before being cooled immediately at a low temperature - this process strengthens the glass further and will do well to prevent unwanted entry.

High security

We all believe that glass is a delicate material and that it needs to be handled with care, that is true, but the toughened glass of an industrial level is very strong indeed. Each pane is difficult to penetrate offering additional levels of security for your business. Potential thieves and vandals will think again before trying to break in.

Energy saving

Another benefit of a frameless glass shop front is that it can let in large amounts of natural light which can help when it comes to energy saving. Glass shop fronts will also keep your business premises cool during summer and warm throughout winter.

Advertising opportunities

A huge advantage of a frameless glass shop front is all the advertising and branding opportunities it offers. Even when your business is closed you can continue to promote your products and services 24-hours a day. Glass shop fronts offer you the ability to create impressive displays which can attract passers-by. But make sure you change the display products regularly because seeing the same things each day can be boring.

Enhance your business

Toughened glass doors are a great way to enhance the look and functionality of your shop front. However, do your research so you know that you are getting value for money and choose a company that has experience and knowledge in installing frameless glass shop fronts.