Curtain Walling

Aluminium curtain walling is a stunning addition to any building, it creates that “wow factor” to your premises as well as enhancing the visual aesthetics from inside and outside of the building. It is a fantastic modern option for the outer covering of a building where the facade is higher than the ground floor.

Aluminium curtain walling is a lightweight and durable solution for your premises and aside from being flexible, it can be moulded in any size and shape, which means that we can offer curtain walls of the desired shape and size with great customisation options.

Another benefit is that when paired with glass curtain walling can give a beautiful illumination effect to your home or building as it allows the natural lighting inside to help save money on your lighting bills. Aluminium curtain walling can also replace your existing solid walls to make an ordinary room into something beautiful.

This style of walling helps to blend the divide between the interior and exterior, allowing your living or office space to be filled with panoramic views and natural light. These aesthetical additions can include unique styles of face caps from horizontal to the vertical lining which helps to give the property a simplistic look.

At R&M Shopfronts, we can provide a wide range of standard pressure plate and cap curtain walling solutions, plus variants such as toggle and silicone bonded structural glazed solutions. You will have the freedom of design to be able to create the right architectural masterpiece and ensure that you will make a dramatic statement.

Our team has a wealth of experience installing aluminium curtain walling and we can tackle projects of any size and shape from small domestic projects to entire building developments - you can get in touch with the team here.

Curtain Walling